Müller’s Muscle-Conjunctiva Resection

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The Müller’s muscle-conjunctiva resection ptosis procedure is recommended for patients with blepharoptosis whose upper eyelids elevate to a normal level when 10% phenylephrine drops are applied to the upper ocular fornix. Candidates usually have minimal congenital ptosis and varying degrees of acquired ptosis. The advantage over the Fasanella procedure is that Müller’s muscle-conjunctiva resection preserves the tarsus, and the advantage over the levator aponeurosis procedure is that it produces predictable results.


Müller’s muscle Müller’s muscle-conjunctiva resection Ptosis Blepharoptosis Margin reflex distance 1 (MRD1Phenylephrine test 

Supplementary material

419986_5_En_20_MOESM1_ESM.mp4 (89.3 mb)
Video 20.1 Müller’s muscle-conjunctiva resection. Courtesy of Richard C. Allen, MD, PhD, FACS. (MP4 91458 kb)
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Video 20.2 Müller’s muscle-conjunctiva resection. Courtesy of Richard C. Allen, MD, PhD, FACS. (MP4 98425 kb)
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Video 20.3 Müller’s muscle-conjunctiva resection with externalization of suture knots. Courtesy of Richard C. Allen, MD, PhD, FACS. (MP4 106686 kb)
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Video 20.4 Müller’s muscle-conjunctiva resection with burying of suture knots under conjunctiva. Courtesy of Richard C. Allen, MD, PhD, FACS. (MP4 132401 kb)


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