Compact CPW-Fed Microstrip Octagonal Patch Antenna with Hilbert Fractal Slots for WLAN and WIMAX Applications

  • Mohamed TarbouchEmail author
  • Abdelkebir El amri
  • Hanae Terchoune
  • Ouadiaa Barrou
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 37)


In this paper, a Coplanar Wave Guide (CPW)-Fed microstrip octagonal patch antenna for WLAN and WIMAX Applications is proposed. The studied structure is suitable for 2.3/2.5/3.3/3.5/5/5.5 GHz WIMAX and for 3.6/2.4–2.5/4.9–5.9 GHz WLAN applications. The octagonal shape is obtained by cutting a small triangular part in the four angles of the rectangular microstrip patch antenna; in addition the using of CPW-Fed allows obtaining Ultra Wide Band (UWB) characteristics. The miniaturization in the antenna size for lower band is achieved by introducing the Hilbert fractal slots in the radiating element. The proposed antenna is designed on a single and a small substrate board of dimensions 46 × 40 × 1.6 mm3. Moreover the setup of Hilbert fractal slots allows obtaining lower resonant frequencies, more −10 dB bandwidths, more resonant frequencies and important gains. All the simulations were performed in CADFEKO, a Method of Moment (MoM) based solver.


CADFEKO CPW-Fed Hilbert fractal Miniaturization  WIMAX WLAN 


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  • Mohamed Tarbouch
    • 1
    Email author
  • Abdelkebir El amri
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  • Hanae Terchoune
    • 1
  • Ouadiaa Barrou
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  1. 1.RITM Laboratory, CED Engineering SciencesEcole Supérieure de Technologie, Hassan II University of CasablancaCasablancaMorocco

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