Biodiesel (Microalgae)

  • Karen M. Moll
  • Todd C. Pedersen
  • Robert D. Gardner
  • Brent M. PeytonEmail author


  • About the two predominant groups of microalgae, chlorophytes (green algae) and diatoms, and their respective primary carbon fixation methods

  • A diverse range of extreme environments where microalgae have been found, some of the characteristics of the microalgae found in these environments, and how to target different environments for algal product production

  • How microalgae are used in a conceptual biofuel production strategy including the various methods for growing, harvesting, and converting algal lipids and other products to biofuels and bioproducts

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  • Karen M. Moll
    • 1
  • Todd C. Pedersen
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  • Robert D. Gardner
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  • Brent M. Peyton
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  1. 1.Center for Biofilm EngineeringMontana State UniversityBozemanUSA
  2. 2.Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems EngineeringUniversity of MinnesotaMinneapolisUSA
  3. 3.Thermal Biology InstituteMontana State UniversityBozemanUSA

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