Analysis of Riga International Airport Flight Delays

  • Iyad AlomarEmail author
  • Juri Tolujew
  • Aleksandrs Medvedevs
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 36)


During the preparation of this research, the negative impact of aircraft flight delays on airport and passengers were described and analysed. A detailed analysis of aircraft flight delays at Riga International Airport was performed. The result of the analysis demonstrates the season character of flight delay as well as the tight relation between ground handling services and aircraft flight delays. Special effect of flight delays was noted due to movement of ground handling vehicles at the aerodrome. Analysing the delays and their causes will be helpful to improve the prediction of future delays and reduce them as well as reduce of the waiting and downtime of the aircraft on the ground.


Ground handling Flight delay On-time operation 


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  • Iyad Alomar
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    Email author
  • Juri Tolujew
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  • Aleksandrs Medvedevs
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