Preserving Liberty in Mass Society: Locke and the 2016 Presidential Election

  • Cole Simmons


Lockean liberalism stands or falls by the distinction between government and society, also called the public and the private. Only if this distinction is maintained can the immutable right of men and women to choose those with whom they associate be maintained, whether the choice pertains to business, education, religion, etc. This distinction between the public and the private has always been threatened by sincere, but misguided, attempts to secure justice. This chapter explains the source of the present danger and how a desire to maintain that aged Lockean distinction led to the election of Donald Trump. The election of Donald Trump represented the victory of an electorate still devoted to the private, however tenuously or confusedly. The chapter contains an examination of economics, immigration, and religious liberty in an attempt to show the gulf and agreement between Locke and Trump.


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