A Foucauldian Discourse Perspective

  • Eleni Lioliou
  • Leslie P. Willcocks
Part of the Technology, Work and Globalization book series (TWG)


This chapter re-examines the case study evidence in the light of the selected Foucauldian concepts of governmentality, power relations, and discourse. In the course of the analysis, certain other related Foucauldian concepts were brought to bear (e.g. surveillance, power/knowledge, discipline) where, we believe, this helps the analysis and provides further insight. The analysis of discourse was only partial in this chapter, as we wish also to comment more fully on TCE and outsourcing themselves as discourses and these matters are best reserved for a more general last chapter.


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  • Eleni Lioliou
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  • Leslie P. Willcocks
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  2. 2.London School of EconomicsLondonUK

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