GiViP: A Visual Profiler for Distributed Graph Processing Systems

  • Alessio Arleo
  • Walter Didimo
  • Giuseppe Liotta
  • Fabrizio Montecchiani
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10692)


Analyzing large-scale graphs provides valuable insights in different application scenarios. While many graph processing systems working on top of distributed infrastructures have been proposed to deal with big graphs, the tasks of profiling and debugging their massive computations remain time consuming and error-prone. This paper presents GiViP, a visual profiler for distributed graph processing systems based on a Pregel-like computation model. GiViP captures the huge amount of messages exchanged throughout a computation and provides an interactive user interface for the visual analysis of the collected data. We show how to take advantage of GiViP to detect anomalies related to the computation and to the infrastructure, such as slow computing units and anomalous message patterns.


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  • Walter Didimo
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  • Giuseppe Liotta
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  • Fabrizio Montecchiani
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