Afterword: Beyond Thresholds—Suggestions for Further Research and Teaching Resources

  • Kristin J. Jacobson
  • Kristin Allukian
  • Rickie-Ann Legleitner
  • Leslie Allison


The afterword discusses the collection’s implications for subsequent research and teaching, addressing trends in the scholarship and what these trends suggest about the future of the field of American women writers. Of particular interest to instructors and students will be Allukian’s discussion of how the essays included in the first section lend themselves to a digital humanities framework, particularly to the subfields of digital archiving and digital pedagogy. Legleitner, in turn, reminds us how many of the issues raised in nineteenth-century American women’s literature remain relevant today. Finally, Allison acknowledges and provides strategies for the unique challenges related to teaching and researching contemporary authors. The afterword encourages readers to cross thresholds in their own writing, study, and teaching in order to, as bell hooks recommends, “encourage and welcome” American women writers.

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  • Kristin Allukian
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  • Rickie-Ann Legleitner
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  • Leslie Allison
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