• Sarah Whatley
  • Rosamaria K. Cisneros
  • Amalia Sabiescu


This volume provides a compendium of emerging cases and practices, as well as critical, historical and theoretical essays that explore the interplay between performing arts, intangible cultural heritage (ICH) and digital environments. The volume features sixteen essays that treat four themes, focused respectively on critical and reflexive engagements; digital interventions in time and space; documentation and preservation; and authorship, ownership and legal aspects. The chapters engage with varied forms of ICH, from music and storytelling to dance, theatre and martial arts. Cases of digital technology interventions are provided from different geographies and cultural settings, from Europe to Asia and the Americas. This enables a broad perspective to reflect on the implications of digital interventions on ICH engagements and how these are contextualized in diverse localities.


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  • Sarah Whatley
    • 1
  • Rosamaria K. Cisneros
    • 1
  • Amalia Sabiescu
    • 2
  1. 1.Centre for Dance ResearchCoventry UniversityCoventryUK
  2. 2.Institute for Media and Creative IndustriesLoughborough University LondonLondonUK

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