Systolic and Diastolic Right Ventricular Dysfunction

  • Diana Morvey
  • Shashank Gupta
  • Anjali Chandra
  • Ernst R. von Schwarz


The right ventricle (RV) was often considered clinically insignificant owing to its less muscular structure and its restricted blood flow to a single organ system, the pulmonary system. These misconceptions have resulted in this chamber being understudied; and therefore, limited available research data. The truth is, both ventricles are highly dependent on each other for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, abnormalities in one ventricle adversely impact the function of the other. Recent research on RV implicated that the RV is an important contributor in cardiovascular diseases processes. Thus, this chapter tries to elucidate some of the importance of the RV and its contribution to right ventricular dysfunction.


Right ventricle Systolic right ventricular dysfunction Diastolic right ventricular dysfunction Prevalence of right ventricular dysfunction Autoimmune Valvular disease 


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