The Impact of Pneumonectomy on the Right Ventricular Function

  • Claudiu Nistor
  • Adrian Ciuche
  • Dragoş Săvoiu
  • Olivia Batog
  • Ecaterina Bontaş


Notably, pulmonary resection is used in much pathology and more frequently during last years, especially due to the increased incidence of the cases diagnosed with lung cancer. Pulmonary resection surgery varies from the detachment of a lung region (atypical resections, segmentectomy, lobectomy or bilobectomy) to complete unilateral pulmonary removing (pneumonectomy). Left pneumonectomy is usually better tolerated than right pneumonectomy and some authors further said that “the right pneumonectomy was a disease itself”. Only that, this procedure has a proven impact on the heart function, particularly on the right ventricle performance. There is no doubt that pneumonectomy has consequences on the cardiac performance expressed by preload and afterload changes, as well as contractility adjustment by progressive dilatation of the right ventricle. Repercussions on the right ventricle function are the increase or reduction in volume or flow. Evaluation techniques are multiple but currently the mechanism of adaptation of the right ventricle to the conditions of pneumonectomy it is not precisely acknowledged. Deterioration of the right ventricle function begins after 6 months and is progressive to heart failure. Lobectomy and segmentectomy have fewer changes in the right ventricle performance due to the higher functional lung parenchyma remainder.


Pneumonectomy Segmentectomy Lobectomy Right ventricle dysfunction Right ventricle treatment Right heart Pulmonary resection Video-assisted thoracic surgery Wedge resections Lung resection 


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