Echocardiography of Right Heart

  • Julia Grapsa


A significant part of right heart failure management is the accurate imaging of right heart chambers with the means of conventional echocardiography as well as advanced imaging. Because of the orientation of the right ventricular fibers, global assessment of the RV is difficult, with the two main sections contracting perpendicular to each other: the inflow portion longitudinally and the outflow portion circumferentially. The aim of this review manuscript is to highlight important measurements from two dimensional echocardiography as well as explaining how we implement three dimensional echocardiography as well as speckle tracking into right heart imaging.


Right heart Two dimensional echocardiography Three dimensional echocardiography Speckle tracking 



Three dimensional


Myocardial performance index


Right atrium


Right ventricle


Tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion


Tissue Doppler imaging


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