Tricuspid Valve Pathology

  • Shahzad G. Raja


Tricuspid valve pathology has increasingly become the focus of attention in recent years. Both primary and secondary disease processes involve the tricuspid valve. Depending on the underlying disease process the predominant hemodynamic lesion can be either tricuspid valve stenosis or regurgitation. Whereas tricuspid stenosis is uncommon, tricuspid regurgitation is frequently encountered and is most often secondary in nature. Patients with tricuspid valve disease are usually in an advanced stage of multivalvular heart disease and constitute a high-risk group. Recent improved understanding of the pathophysiology of tricuspid valve disease coupled with substantial advances in assessment and management have improved the outlook for patients with tricuspid valve pathology. This chapter provides an overview of tricuspid valve pathology focusing on pathophysiology, diagnosis, management and emerging transcatheter therapies.


Atrioventricular valve Tricuspid valve Tricuspid stenosis Tricuspid regurgitation Functional regurgitation 


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