Systemic Consequences of Right Ventricular Failure

  • Vlad Damian Vintilă
  • Ana-Maria Vintilă


Right ventricular failure can occur as an acute or chronic dysfunction. It can occur during an acute pathology of the right heart (for example, inferior acute myocardial infarction with right ventricle involvement) or of the lungs (for example massive venous thromboembolism). It can also arise in a chronic situation as a secondary dysfunction of the lungs or of the heart (for example pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary infiltrative diseases or pulmonary stenosis). There are multiple organ dysfunctions involved in heart failure. It is difficult to separate right ventricle for left ventricle dysfunction since there is an interventricular mechanism of loading, pressure and contraction. Quantitation of the degree of heart failure is difficult since the most frequent biomarkers have altered clearance in right heart failure.


Systemic disorder Interventricular coupling Organ failure Biomarkers 


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