Co-Design and Verification of an Available File System

  • Mahsa NajafzadehEmail author
  • Marc Shapiro
  • Patrick Eugster
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10747)


Distributed file systems play a vital role in large-scale enterprise services. However, the designer of a distributed file system faces a vexing choice between strong consistency and asynchronous replication. The former supports a standard sequential model by synchronising operations, but is slow and fragile. The latter is highly available and responsive, but exposes users to concurrency anomalies. In this paper, we describe a rigorous and general approach to navigating this trade-off by leveraging static verification tools that allow to verify different file system designs. We show that common file system operations can run concurrently without synchronisation, while still retaining a semantics reasonably similar to Posix hierarchical structure. The one exception is the \(\mathsf {move}\) operation, for which we prove that, unless synchronised, it will have an anomalous behaviour.


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  • Marc Shapiro
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