My Experience as a Human Trafficking Financial Crime Investigator

  • Joann Alicea


  • My story and journey about how I came to understand and have knowledge about fighting Human Trafficking through Financial Networks.

  • My experience in talking to customers who have financial accounts that are suspected to be pimps both male and female, sex buyers, and Human Trafficking victims.

  • My journey all the way to Congress and the White House to lobby the United States Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network agency known as FinCEN to update the Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) form used by all US Banks, Money Services Businesses, Visa, and Mastercard companies for a Human Trafficking Checkbox.

  • My experience as I travel throughout the USA to Anti-Human Trafficking Conferences in being the ONLY financial crimes investigator at the conferences.

  • My experience as manager of Human Trafficking Investigators Social Media Group on LinkedIn with Law Enforcement and our goal in keeping traffickers out of the group to create an environment that is SAFE for group members to post articles and comments about fighting Human Trafficking.

  • My experience in being a national speaker on fighting Human Trafficking at both Financial Crimes industry conferences and Anti-Human Trafficking Conferences.


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