Family Members and Trafficking: Story of Alex’s Disappearance

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Alex Meschisvili, 11, disappeared in February 2006. Despite the intensive police search, his body has never been found. Five boys accused of murder originally told police in June that they beat Alex to death. Despite the charges, there remains no sign of the missing boy’s body.

It was cold that day. After the beating, Alex was motionless. Was he dead or alive? They weren’t sure. So they put him in a deserted house (across the Apollo Club). Two days later, they said they got rid of the body. This was the first scenario supported by an “autopsy without a body” that was given by the State Coroner:

from the continuous pursuit and having ran a great distance and even though he tried to deflect the attack which resulted to injuries on his upper limbs, bruising, cuts on the face and skull; because of the vicious blows and pushing, lost his balance and fell violently on the steps from a height of 2 m.

As a result of his fall he sustained additional head injuries on the back and lower region of his skull, including brain hematomas, brain bruising and hemorrhaging.

His death was a result of all the above injuries. (Report of the Coroner)

But, the coroner was wrong. The death of the investigation happened, not the death of Alex, because it was never proved that Alex was killed by the five boys.

Although the official investigation stopped with the coroner’s report, it actually continues, and its objective is the search of truth concerning the trafficking of children that it has uncovered. Unfortunately in the case of Alex, the truth was sacrificed to cover “the political correctness,” too much politics and not enough policing.

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