How Expected Survival Influences the Choice of Surgical Procedure in Metastatic Bone Disease

  • Panagiotis Tsagozis
  • Jonathan Forsberg
  • Henrik C. F. Bauer
  • Rikard WedinEmail author


Accurate estimation of expected survival is very helpful in the choice of patients that are good candidates for surgery, as well as in the choice of the surgical method and implant used. If we treat the short-time survivors and the long-time survivors with the same reconstruction, we will inevitably overtreat the short-time survivors and undertreat the long-time survivors. This translates to too extensive surgery and rehabilitation need in the short-time survivors. In this chapter we discuss our present general treatment recommendations based on prognosis.


Skeletal metastasis Bone metastasis Survival Prognosis PATHFx Skeletal reconstruction Surgical treatment 


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