Metastases to the Pelvis

  • Eduardo J. Ortiz-Cruz
  • Manuel Peleteiro-Pensado
  • Irene Barrientos-Ruiz
  • Rafael Carbonell-Escobar


The optimal surgical treatment of bone metastases may be complex and require multimodality treatment strategies to achieve optimal outcomes. We describe the surgical indications of these patients, mainly in the periacetabular zone.


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  • Eduardo J. Ortiz-Cruz
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  • Manuel Peleteiro-Pensado
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  • Irene Barrientos-Ruiz
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  • Rafael Carbonell-Escobar
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  1. 1.Orthopaedic Oncology Unit, Orthopaedic Surgery DepartmentHospital Universitario La PazMadridSpain

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