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Sir Patrick Moore was an eminent British astronomer, prolific author and presenter of the “Sky at Night” BBC television program, which he fronted monthly from 1957 until 2013. This made it the longest-running program with the same presenter in world television history. Over the course of these fifty-six years Sir Patrick received thousands of letters from the public, of which the following were typical.

Dear Sir: One evening many years ago in Glasgow I noticed a series of round balls traveling around three walls of a room. Whatever was causing these images about three or four inches in diameter? I looked and looked and could discover nothing. I then noticed that the stars in the sky were fading. And as they faded my balls disappeared. Stars were round. How is it that everyone thinks them pointed?

Dear Sir: I think the Sun acts very strangely. I see it go into a red hot disc then changed into a New Moon as on Saturday last. It rocked about a bit, went dim and bright, repeating this for a few minutes until it vanished.

Dear Sir: The planet Venus is inhabited with beings who look just like ourselves. No doubt you cannot see this what with all the education you may possess. For when one becomes educated things become complicated and that simplicity is non-existable.

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