Complications of Chronic Otitis Media

  • Salah Mansour
  • Jacques Magnan
  • Karen Nicolas
  • Hassan Haidar


The incidence of chronic ear complications has dropped dramatically in the recent years due to better health systems, to the major development of antibiotherapy as well as to the recent advances in diagnostic imaging, the earlier and appropriate diagnosis of unsafe ears along with their prompt management. However, reports emanating from some developing countries showed that complications of CSOM, particularly of intracranial localization, are still facing us.

In this chapter the pathways of infectious spread and their relative physiopathology are explained. Complications are divided into intratemporal, involving the anatomical structures of immediate contact with the site of the primary infection, and extratemporal, that can be of extracranial or intracranial type.

Each complication is discussed with its clinical features, its imaging findings and managment options to insure better patient care.


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