Adhesive Otitis Media

  • Salah Mansour
  • Jacques Magnan
  • Karen Nicolas
  • Hassan Haidar


Adhesive Otitis Media is a conflictual pathology and difficult to deal with its various aspects. A review of its pathogenesis, its clinical feature and the different total tympanic membrane falling stages toward the floor of the middle ear from atelectasis to the final form of adhesive stage are reported. Typical otoscopic findings are illustrated. The impact of adhesive otitis media on the ossicular chain and its possible evolution to cholesteatoma formation are described. When such complications of adhesive otitis media are suspected, CT imaging will complete the work up in assessing the underlying status of mastoid pneumatization that is almost always very poor or scerlotic.

The management of adhesive otitis media is discussed with special emphasis on the important preventive measures: “it is much easier to prevent adhesive otitis media than to treat”.


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  • Jacques Magnan
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  • Karen Nicolas
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  • Hassan Haidar
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