Acute Otitis Media and Acute Coalescent Mastoiditis

  • Salah Mansour
  • Jacques Magnan
  • Karen Nicolas
  • Hassan Haidar


Acute otitis media is a frequent manifestation of otitis media, mainly during the early childhood. The multifactorial pathogenesis and risk factors are exposed along with its most microbiological agents. The clinical manifestations and their differential diagnoses are presented. General concepts and different actual guidelines of the treatment are described, also the efficient preventive measures are proposed.

The second main issue of this chapter is to deal with the complications of acute otitis media, especially the acute coalescent mastoiditis, that is the most common suppurative complication of AOM. The pathogenesis of coalescent acute mastoiditis, its epidemiology, risk factors and the microbiological agents are presented. The clinical features and differential diagnosis are described, as the specific imaging findings. Complications of acute coalescent mastoiditis are typically the subperiosteal abscess, due to the cortical bony necrosis of the mastoid and its septa, or the intracranial spread of the infection (meningitis, intracranial abscesses and venous sinus thrombosis).

The general concept of management is exposed, with emphasis on the antimicrobial treatment and the different surgical options.


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