Wandering Minstrels, Moving Novels: The Case of Khach‘atur Abovean’s Wounds of Armenia

  • Vahram Danielyan
Part of the Mediterranean Perspectives book series (MEPERS)


In discourse on world literature, scholars have often viewed the development of the novel beyond Europe as a “compromise” between foreign form and local content, with a premium placed on the ascendancy of the European literary form. In contradistinction, by analyzing the figure of the narrator in the Armenian writer Khach‘atur Abovean’s seminal novel VerkHayastani (Wounds of Armenia), this chapter questions the usefulness of the foreign/local binary in world-literary discourse. As Danielyan shows, the novel is not narrated by an exclusively “Armenian” figure, but rather by the ashugh—or minstrel—who existed as part of a broader musical culture that had spread across the Mediterranean, the Caucasus, and Iran.

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  • Vahram Danielyan
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