Armeno-Turkish Writing and the Question of Hybridity

  • Murat Cankara
Part of the Mediterranean Perspectives book series (MEPERS)


This chapter examines the practice of writing linguistically Turkish texts in the Armenian script in order to excavate different registers of cross-cultural hybridity, long overlooked by nationalist views of Ottoman literary production. Thereby, this chapter offers an analysis of primary sources from different genres to illuminate the diversity of the Armeno-Turkish corpus and its multiple entanglements with other languages and cultures, as well as to demonstrate what kind of cross-cultural negotiations might have played a role in creating them. Finally, it locates the phenomenon of writing in the alphabet of the “Other” within a broader Mediterranean context to shed light on analogous digraphic practices.

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  • Murat Cankara
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  1. 1.Social Sciences University of AnkaraAnkaraTurkey

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