Mirrors for Princes: Paratexts and Political Stance in Henry Carey’s Translations of Romulo and Il Tarquinio Superbo by Virgilio Malvezzi

  • Giovanni IamartinoEmail author
  • Alessandra Manzi
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In this chapter, Giovanni Iamartino and Alessandra Manzi study the translations of Virgilio Malvezzi’s Romulo and Il Tarquino Superbo by Henry Carey, Early of Monmouth. Through minute examination of the new paratextual framing of the translations, printed in one volume in 1637, the authors demonstrate how both Italian political treatises were refashioned to advance the specifically English royalist cause. The liminal material not only sheds light on Carey’s cultural and ideological positioning, but also on the role played by printers in the fashioning of the ‘two cultures’ pitting royalists against republicans in late Caroline England.

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