Philosophy and Education: A Certain Kind of Wisdom

  • Paul SmeyersEmail author
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Education and child-rearing are practices, and so are their philosophical counterpart. Moreover, philosophical arguments and their criticisms themselves bear witness to philosophical stances; similarly, there is a variety of conceptions of education and childrearing. That this results in the fact that no final word on the involved issues can be offered should not be deplored: instead, it is a forceful antidote against dangerous simplification and one-sidedness. These are themselves evidence of continuing change in society, which means we must think of 'reality' as provisional, even while take a stance in dialogue with the legacy of the past and ongoing developments and new challenges. The nature of education and of child-rearing requires therefore a certain kind of wisdom. Though such reflection cannot do away with the constraints and tensions we find ourselves in, it may nevertheless be a strong source of inspiration, helping us to make sense of life and act responsibly.


Philosophy as a practice Societal changes Philosophy as assembling reminders The philosophical legacy Simplification Wittgenstein 

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