The Proposal of Centralization Deployment of Cadre Management Information System of SGCC

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In order to comprehensively improve the level of information-based cadre management, increase the strength of cadre management and control of SGCC, State Grid Corporation of China started to build Cadre Management Information System-Phase I, II and III projects. Pre-Cadre Management Information System used state-province two class deployment and multi-level application. In this mode, the system deployment was too scattered, and didn’t match the goal of “Three Intensified Managements (in HR, Finance and materials), Five Large-Scale Movements (in Programming, Construction, Operation, Overhaul, and Production), and Two centers (Operation and monitoring center, Customer service center)”, especially in the intensive uses of resources, coordination across and through different departments, and information sharing. It was why to initiate the centralization deployment work. The proposal of centralization deployment of Cadre Management Information System is the guiding principal article, which indicate the way to build the system. The article introduces the overall infrastructure, deployment scheme and application integration scheme of the centralization deployment of Cadre Management Information System Proposal. The application results supported the rationality of centralization deployment of Cadre Management Information System.


Cadre management Centralization deployment proposal Application integration 


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  • Sunnie Ren
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  1. 1.Beijing China Power Information Technology Co., Ltd., State Grid CorporationBeijingChina

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