Research on Data Storage Based on Cloud Platform

  • Xiaoman Zhang
  • Fangqin Xu
Conference paper
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With the rapid development of mobile communication technology, “5G” era to speed up the pace, and large data age is surging from the times. Relational database is built on the relational model of the database, It uses mathematical concepts and methods to deal with the data in the database. In recent years. With the rise of web2.0, Data in the form of pictures, video and other forms of data storage was explosive growth, The existing data storage methods have been unable to meet the needs of the system. NoSQL’s distributed large data storage technology is widely used in cloud computing because of its scalability. Cloud storage of unstructured storage technology can alleviate the current unstructured data storage problems and improve the quality of unstructured data storage services. The evolution of cloud computing makes the importance and value of cloud databases increasingly visible, let us see the future of data storage development.


Big Data Relational Database Non-relational Database Nosql Cloud Storage 


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  • Xiaoman Zhang
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  • Fangqin Xu
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  1. 1.Shanghai JianQiao UniversityShanghaiChina

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