History and Evolution of Hernia Surgery

  • Giampiero CampanelliEmail author
  • Piero Giovanni Bruni
  • Andrea Morlacchi
  • Francesca Lombardo
  • Marta Cavalli


Abdominal wall hernia is very common; the prevalence in the general population is about 5% (Basile et al., Int J Surg 11, S20–S23, 2013).

Already in antique times, the surgeons and physicians were trying to find the solution for this condition.

Even though progress in surgical techniques and new principals allow the patient to resume a normal life in a very short time, up to 150 years ago, this was not possible.

In this chapter we review the interesting history of hernia repair, from Egyptian until nowadays, with the current technique.


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  2. 2.General and Day Surgery UnitCenter of Research and High Specialization for the Pathologies of Abdominal Wall and Surgical Treatment and Repair of Abdominal Hernia, Milano Hernia Center, Istituto Clinico Sant’AmbrogioMilanItaly
  3. 3.Surgical DepartmentOspedale di Circolo di Varese e Fondazione Macchi, University of InsubriaVareseItaly

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