Matching Schur Complement Approximations for Certain Saddle-Point Systems

  • John W. Pearson
  • Andy WathenEmail author


The solution of many practical problems described by mathematical models requires approximation methods that give rise to linear(ized) systems of equations, solving which will determine the desired approximation. This short contribution describes a particularly effective solution approach for a certain class of so-called saddle-point linear systems which arises in different contexts.



Ian Sloan has been a great friend and mentor over many years. Through his mathematical insight, he has derived really useful approximations in different contexts throughout his long career. We wish to express our deep appreciation for his leadership in our field and to acknowledge his encouragement of all those who seek to contribute to it.

The authors are grateful to Shev MacNamara and an anonymous referee for their interesting and helpful comments which have left us with further avenues to consider. JWP was funded for this research by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Fellowship EP/M018857/1.


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