Approximate Quadrature Measures on Data-Defined Spaces

  • Hrushikesh N. MhaskarEmail author


An important question in the theory of approximate integration is to study the conditions on the nodes xk,n and weights wk,n that allow an estimate of the form
$$\displaystyle \sup _{f\in \mathcal {B}_\gamma }\left |\sum _k w_{k,n}{\,f}(x_{k,n})-\int _{\mathbb {X}} fd\mu ^*\right | \le cn^{-\gamma }, \qquad n=1,2,\cdots , $$
where \(\mathbb {X}\) is often a manifold with its volume measure μ, and \(\mathcal {B}_\gamma \) is the unit ball of a suitably defined smoothness class, parametrized by γ. In this paper, we study this question in the context of a quasi-metric, locally compact, measure space \(\mathbb {X}\) with a probability measure μ. We show that quadrature formulas exact for integrating the so called diffusion polynomials of degree < n satisfy such estimates. Without requiring exactness, such formulas can be obtained as a solutions of some kernel-based optimization problem. We discuss the connection with the question of optimal covering radius. Our results generalize in some sense many recent results in this direction.



The research of this author is supported in part by ARO Grant W911NF-15-1-0385. We thank the referees for their careful reading and helpful comments.


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