Evaluations Before Partial and Total Cavopulmonary Connections

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Pre-PCPC catheterization aims at evaluating:

Supplementary material

Video 1

The video shows the selective angiography in the BT shunt in patient 3. We can evaluate the anatomy of the pulmonary arteries, the distal anastomosis between the shunt and the right pulmonary artery. The origin of the BT is not evaluable; for this reason in some case, a nonselective injection in the subclavian artery is needed (Fig. 35.6) (MOV 3574 kb)

Video 2

The video shows the angiography in the ventricle of patient 2. We can see an abundant antegrade pulmonary blood flow through the native outflow (MOV 4946 kb)

Video 3

The video shows the angiography in the SVC of patient 1 6 months after pulmonary stenting. The stent is patent and pulmonary arteries and left SVC have good size (MOV 7778 kb)

Video 4

The video shows the angiography in the SVC of patient 4. We can see the multiple venous collaterals above the stenosis of the SVC (MOV 1863 kb)

Video 5

The video shows the angiography in the SVC of a patients with pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum at time of pre-TCPC. The patient underwent BT shunt at 6 days and PCPC at 5 months. We can see good size of SVC, pulmonary arteries and good peripheral pulmonary vascolarization; in the levophase, we can see the normal pulmonary veins return and normal aorta anatomy (MOV 7826 kb)

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