Patent Ductus Arteriosus Closure

  • Ahmed Mohammed Al Kamali


A patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) closure device is a cone-shaped tube connecting the left subclavian artery and the origin of the left pulmonary artery. Clinically, PDA may be present in patients with congestive heart failure, but it can also be present in asymptomatic subjects. It is necessary to close a PDA if there are symptoms of heart failure or if there is a continual heart murmur without symptoms. Transcatheter closure of a PDA can be done with either a mushroom-shaped device or a coil. For small babies weighing below 5 kg, surgical closure is advisable.

Supplementary material

Video 1

Aortography in lateral view showing a large PDA (WMV 1653 kb)

Video 2

Aortic disc is opened on the aortic side. A check aortography is performed (WMV 1614 kb)

Video 3

Device is implanted across the PDA. A Check angiography is performed (WMV 1629 kb)

Video 4

Device release (WMV 2309 kb)

Video 5

Aortography in lateral video showing device position and PDA closure (WMV 2075 kb)

Video 6

Coil implantation in lateral view (WMV 4614 kb)

Video 7

Device release (WMV 2567 kb)

Video 8

Aortography in lateral video showing device position and PDA closure (WMV 2317 kb)

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