Case 47: Zone I/II Open Globe Repair with Post-Operative Elevated Intraocular Pressure

  • Jonathan C. Chou
  • Veena Rao
  • Seanna Grob


A 58-year-old man presented with a Zone I-II open globe injury of the left eye with associated lens dislocation from blunt trauma from a screwdriver. The patient underwent repair of his open globe injury followed by a subsequent pars plana lensectomy and vitrectomy for a posteriorly dislocated lens. His post-operative course was complicated by elevated intraocular pressure from mixed mechanism glaucoma. He was medically managed with a good response. It is important to monitor intraocular pressure (IOP) post-operatively after open globe repair since there are a number of different mechanisms that increase a patient’s risk of glaucoma after ocular trauma.


Globe rupture Trauma Mixed-mechanism glaucoma Hyphema Angle recession glaucoma Steroid-induced glaucoma Iridodialysis 

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  • Jonathan C. Chou
    • 1
  • Veena Rao
    • 1
  • Seanna Grob
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  1. 1.Department of OphthalmologyHarvard Medical School, Massachusetts Eye and EarBostonUSA

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