Case 22: Zone I/II Open Globe Injury with Anterior Metallic Wire Foreign Body

  • Durga S. BorkarEmail author
  • Seanna Grob


A 21-year-old man presented with a Zone I-II open globe injury of the left eye with intraocular foreign body. The patient was a mechanic and a metal wire hit the left eye while he was working under a car. The patient underwent repair of this open globe injury. It was critical to remove the foreign body in the controlled setting of an operating room in order to have control of the anterior chamber, to carefully remove the wire that was adjacent to the lens and posterior cornea, and to minimize patient discomfort. Prompt repair was especially crucial to avoid endophthalmitis related to an intraocular foreign body, progressive edema of the cornea complicating wound repair, further deposition of rust into the ocular tissues, and due to the wire rubbing and traumatizing the posterior aspect of the cornea with each movement of the eyelids causing rotation of the wire. This patient did well post-operatively and the final visual acuity was affected by the posterior corneal scarring.


Intraocular foreign body Posterior corneal scarring Corneal laceration 

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