Case 18: Delayed Presentation Zone I Open Globe Injury with Traumatic Cataract

  • Tavé van ZylEmail author
  • Seanna Grob


A 63-year-old man presented 10 days following penetrating wood injury to right eye. Exam confirmed a Zone I open globe with lens violation. He underwent primary globe closure immediately. Lens extraction was delayed due to the poor intraocular view from significant corneal edema. Inflammation was controlled medically and cataract extraction without insertion of intraocular lens was performed one month later with the corneal sutures still in place. Secondary intraocular lens implantation versus an aphakic contact lens was offered after the corneal sutures were removed; the patient deferred additional surgery and elected to seek follow-up locally. The patient’s final visual acuity was 20/50 with a +11 diopter lens and pinhole occluder.


Eye injuries Corneal injuries Lacerations Cataract Wood Inflammation 

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