Case 13: Zone II/III Laceration from a Cat Claw

  • Natalie WolkowEmail author
  • Seanna Grob
  • John B. Miller


A 52-year-old woman presented with a Zone II/III open globe injury of the left eye after being scratched by her cat. Her presenting visual acuity was hand motions due to vitreous hemorrhage and hemorrhagic choroidals. The open globe injury was repaired, and the choroidal hemorrhages were monitored and resolved over time without retinal detachment. Her final visual outcome was excellent once the vitreous and choroidal hemorrhages resolved.


Cat Scleral laceration Suprachoroidal hemorrhage Kissing choroidals B-scan 

Supplementary material

Video 18.1

(MOV 6730 kb) Surgical video of zone II/III open globe injury repair.


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