Writing Journalism, Writing Betrayal: The Formation of a Journalistic Voice

  • James Alexander Fraser


This chapter reconsiders Joyce’s relationship to journalism and, in turn, to his journalistic works. It offers a model for reading Joyce’s many fictional treatments of the distinctions between journalistic and artistic writing, and connects this model to Joyce’s “Aesthetics.” The chapter then restores Joyce’s journalism to the moment of its production, focusing on the specific pressures on him at the time leading up to his first piece of Trieste journalism, “Fenianism: The Last Fenian,” and showing how its form, style, and reliance on a repeating narrative of betrayal can be attributed to the effect of these pressures on his conception of his journalistic practice. Finally, the chapter reads Joyce’s Trieste journalism against his earlier effort, “The Motor Derby,” and establishes that readers’ aesthetic and conceptual disappointment with this body of work is explicable within the journalistic terms Joyce had set himself.

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