“… For frankness’ sake”: Confessional Structures in Giacomo Joyce

  • J. T. Welsch


This chapter argues that the question of Giacomo’s non-fictionality hinges on its confessional structure, and the extent to which its rhetoric may be compared with the many instances of confession in Joyce’s fiction. The dramatic, self-reflexive, and regulatory structures of Giacomo invite analysis within a long tradition of confessional literature—one in which sexuality and figurations of power are inextricable—from Augustine and Rousseau, up through the confessionalist poetry that was at its height when Giacomo was finally published in 1968. Rather than regard the context of this latter movement as historical coincidence, confessional poetry’s discursive strategies of self-making provide a useful framework for evaluating the non-fictional claims of Giacomo’s sixteen-page outpouring.

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