Nonlinear Excitations in Graphene and Other Carbon Nano-Polymorphs

  • Sergey V. DmitrievEmail author
  • Julia A. Baimova
  • Elena A. Korznikova
  • Alexander P. Chetverikov
Part of the Understanding Complex Systems book series (UCS)


This review summarizes recent developments in the numerical investigations of nonlinear dynamics of graphene, carbon nanotubes, and fullerenes. Discrete breathers (DBs) or, synonymously, intrinsic localized modes are discussed together with the nonlinear delocalised vibrational modes (DVM). These nonlinear excitations are expected to considerably affect physical and mechanical properties of \(sp^2\) carbon nanomaterials, for example, their thermal and electrical conductivity, defect nucleation and healing, etc. Our knowledge of the DB properties in carbon nanomaterials is insufficient for designing a setup for their reliable experimental observation, that is why numerical studies in this area are of crucial importance today. It is indicated that the results obtained by molecular dynamics method significantly depend on the interatomic potentials, making verification of these results by first-principle modelling indispensable. Finally, the associated challenges and prospects on the future study of nonlinear excitations in graphene and other carbon nanomaterials are discussed.


Graphene Carbon nanotube Fullerene Discrete breather Intrinsic localized mode Delocalized vibrational mode Molecular dynamics ab-initio simulations 



S.V.D. would like to thank financial support from the Russian Science Foundation, grant no. 14-13-00982. E.A.K., and A.P.Ch. would like to thank financial support from the Russian Science Foundation, grant no. 16-12-10175.

J.A.B. acknowledges financial support from the Scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation for young scientists and PhD students SP-4037.2015.1.


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