Spatial Solitons in Nonlinear Photonic Crystal Fibers

  • José R. Salgueiro
  • Albert Ferrando
Part of the Understanding Complex Systems book series (UCS)


This chapter aims to review the most relevant results on solitons in nonlinear solid-core photonic crystal fibers since their introduction about fifteen years ago. These include fundamental solitons and vortices, as well as vector systems of two fundamental, vortex or mixed components. Also other related systems as solitons in double-core photonic crystal fibers will be reviewed. The presentation will describe the mode families as well as their stability properties. The work is intended to be a comprehensive document on the field and provide a fast update to the reader as well as the necessary sources for a further detailed documentation.


Photonic crystal fibers Spatial solitons Vortices Vector solitons Discrete symmetry Nonlinear modes 



This work was supported by the MINECO (Government of Spain) under Grants TEC2014-53727-C2-1-R and FIS2014-61984-EXP, as well as by Xunta de Galicia under grant GPC2015/019.


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