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  • Gabriel Tender
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Lumbar tubular parsectomy is an approach similar to the microdiscectomy, which can be applied to any lumbar or even thoracic level. The parsectomy can be employed when the entire length of a specific spinal nerve needs to be decompressed. If only the pars interarticularis is removed, the corresponding lamina remains anchored to the inferior facet and its joint, and therefore the level is not destabilized.

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Right L5 parsectomy. This patient had an EMG-confirmed L5 radiculopathy and a foraminal and extraforaminal right-sided disc herniation. The parsectomy was started laterally and continued medially until the origin of the L5 spinal nerve was exposed and decompressed. The foraminal and extraforaminal disc herniations were removed. The decompression of the entire length of the L5 nerve was confirmed (MP4 342692 kb)


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