Thoracic Lateral Retropleural Corpectomy

  • Gabriel Tender
  • Durga R. Sure
  • Yasser Badr
  • Clifford Crutcher
  • Lindsay Lasseigne


The thoracic retropleural corpectomy technique is somewhat easier than its’ lumbar counterpart. The approach is similar to the discectomy technique, but has to be extended to span the two discs, above and below the pathologic vertebral body. This technique does require resection of a short rib segment, but does not mandate lung deflation. Supplemental fixation with either a lateral plate or posterior pedicle screws is recommended.

Supplementary material

Video 16.1

T12 corpectomy (MP4 39170 kb)

Video 16.2

T7–T8 corpectomy (MP4 41327 kb)


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