Thoracic Lateral Retropleural Discectomy

  • Gabriel Tender
  • Daniel Serban
  • Mihaela Florea
  • Adriana Constantinescu
  • Kara Parikh


Thoracic disc herniations can be very difficult to treat, particularly when calcified. Since the dural sac cannot be retracted, posterior access to central disc herniations is difficult or impossible without inflicting neurological deficits. The lateral approach offers the advantage of direct access to the disc herniations, whether central or paracentral, as well as their interface with the dura mater. A minimally invasive approach offers the same exposure and access, while minimizing morbidity. The minimally invasive lateral transthoracic retropleural approach can be performed throughout the thoracic spine below T5.

Supplementary material

Video 14.1

Left T12–L1 discectomy via minimally invasive lateral retropleural approach (MP4 452145 kb)


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  • Gabriel Tender
    • 1
  • Daniel Serban
    • 2
  • Mihaela Florea
    • 2
  • Adriana Constantinescu
    • 3
  • Kara Parikh
    • 4
  1. 1.Louisiana State UniversityNew OrleansUSA
  2. 2.Department of Neurosurgery“Bagdasar-Arseni” HospitalBucharestRomania
  3. 3.Universitatea de Medicina si FarmacieCraiovaRomania
  4. 4.Department of NeurosurgeryLouisiana State University Health Sciences CenterNew OrleansUSA

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