Percutaneous Facet Screws

  • Malcolm Daniel Eggart
  • Silvia Gesheva
  • Clifford Crutcher
  • Gabriel Tender


This technique is useful mostly at L4–5 and L5–S1 as supplemental fixation after an anterior approach (ALIF or AxiaLIF) and has the advantage of a minimal midline skin incision and soft tissue disruption. While biomechanically not as strong as the pedicle screw/rod constructs, the facet screws are mostly designed to block rotation.

Supplementary material

Video 11.1

Percutaneous L5–S1 facet screws supplementing an AxiaLIF (MP4 20949 kb)


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  • Silvia Gesheva
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  • Clifford Crutcher
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  • Gabriel Tender
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