Stent Technology

  • Raffaele Piccolo
  • Stephan WindeckerEmail author


The widespread acceptance of coronary artery stenting emerged after the results of the Belgian Netherlands STENT (BENESTENT) and the Stent Restenosis Study (STRESS) trials, which showed superiority of coronary stents compared with balloon angioplasty in reducing the risk of restenosis and the need for repeat revascularization. Since then, tremendous progress has been made in improving stent material, design, and processing, resulting in superior deliverability and procedural success. The improved results with coronary artery stenting over time were also related to expansion of the indications for stent implantation and insight that dual-antiplatelet therapy (instead of oral anticoagulation) lowered both the incidence of stent thrombosis and hemorrhagic complications. On the basis of their efficacy, coronary artery stents have emerged as the preferred tool for PCI and are currently deployed in more than 90% of procedures.


Bare metal stent Drug eluting stent Stent thrombosis In-stent restenosis Sirolimus Paclitaxel Everolimus Biodegradable polymer Bioresorbable vascular scaffold Polymer free 


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