Afterword: Multiculturalism Can Foster a New Kind of Post-Brexit Englishness

  • Tariq Modood
Part of the Palgrave Politics of Identity and Citizenship Series book series ( CAL)


My Afterword considers the effects of the Brexit vote in Britain and its impact on multiculturalism in the UK. Brexit has seen the rise of a communitarian Englishness that seeks to harden division and distrust shunning both minority identities and a cross-cutting Britishness. This type of nostalgic narrow-minded Englishness can only be countered if there is some basic cross-cultural trust and an acceptance of plural nationalities. Multiculturalism can play a positive role with its central focus on equal citizenship and diverse identities. Its renewing and reforging of nationality suggests how we can be equally sensitive to multiple selves and foster the spirit of belonging.


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