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Bronchial Artery Embolization

  • Leonardo I. Valentin
  • T. Gregory WalkerEmail author


Bronchial artery embolization (BAE) is a minimally invasive image-guided intervention used in the management of massive hemoptysis or of a major hemorrhagic hemoptysis event. Pathologic processes that affect the airways and pulmonary parenchyma are the most common underlying etiologies that result in hemoptysis. Angiography of the bronchial arteries can be diagnostic and also allow for therapeutic transcatheter particulate embolization. Super-selective embolization is performed to safely and effectively stop the bleeding while minimizing the risk of nontarget embolization and the potential associated complications that might occur. The expected outcome of BAE is the control of hemoptysis that is manifested as complete cessation of the expectoration of bloody sputum. Reported recurrence rates at 1 month range from 2% to 27%, and long-term recurrence rates up to 46 months are reported in the range of 10–52%.


Anterior spinal artery Bronchial artery Cystic fibrosis Embolization Hemoptysis Inflammatory lung disease Intercostobronchial artery trunk Bronchial artery embolization 


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