‘Information After Imperialism’: British Overseas Representation and Francophone Africa (1957–1967)

  • Andrew W M Smith


British broadcasters imagined an emerging market for their cultural products in the last days of Empire, seeking to ensure that ‘Information after Imperialism’ remained a profitable enterprise. BBC funders considered its role in external representation a national asset, and believed that expanding overseas investment in this way would serve Britain’s long-term interests. This called for a form of development broadcasting beyond its own former colonies, especially in West Africa, with new vernacular services in French and Hausa. Yet this was a crowded marketplace, with competition from traditional imperial rivals, Cold War powers and also emergent non-aligned competitors. By analysing Franco-British broadcasting traditions, in particular, we can see how this asset was developed within the framework of an imagined market in which cultural value fluctuated.

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  • Andrew W M Smith
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